Compression Boots  ( USA 110V )
Compression Boots  ( USA 110V ) Compression Boots  ( USA 110V ) Compression Boots  ( USA 110V ) Compression Boots  ( USA 110V ) Compression Boots  ( USA 110V ) Compression Boots  ( USA 110V )
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Remember to consult your Medical Practitioner before using this Compression Recovery System.

About the Product  

  • Air Relax Recovery System includes: 110V U.S. Version machine/pump, right & left leg sleeves, and English Manual
  • Professional Massage Therapy at Home. Helps relieve knee problems, swelling leg, tension, varicose veins, water retention, and cramps. Improves blood & lymphatic system circulation.
  • Digitally Controlled Operation Cycle - A Mode: Peristaltic, B Mode: Sequential, C Mode: Massage, Auto Mode: Peristaltic + Sequential, Targeted Compression Mode with 4 Pressure Levels.
  • 110-120V U.S. Household outlet. Portable, light-weight and easy to use. Low maintenance, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Durable case with built-in handle.
  • Air Relax is the FDA 510K Class II cleared medical grade device.


  • Rate Voltage: AC 110-120V, 60Hz [United States, Canada, Various cities in Brazil, Mexico, and most of America continent countries]
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Device Size: 10.2(W) x7.0(H)x 5.1(D)-Inch
  • Air Compression Pump: 15 liters per minute
  • Do not plug the 110V System into 220V power source


Measure the length from top of inside leg at crotch to the heel.




  Size 2  26 “- 30”  5’ 3” - 5’7”
  Size 3  30”- 34”  5’8” - 6’ 1”
  Size 4  34”- 38” (Above)  6’ 2” Above


NOTE: This sizing chart is approximate. If you are between sizes we advise choosing the longer boot. The inseam gives more accurate result, not the height.

*Note: 1 Year Worry-Free Warranty.

*110V US Version won't operate in 220V Countries. In EU countries, AUS, and ASIA even if you have a converter. EU countries must purchase the 220V product  to  meet an import regulation and the device certification. We do not take any responsibility if the the machine/pump was plugged into the wrong power source and was damaged.