Lauren is a "reset button" for people with an injury or pain. She has been living the dream as a Physical Therapist for over a decade.

She currently resides in Atlanta, GA. She spends most of her days healing bodies in motion @ The Training Room in Atlanta.

She also uses her talents and vast knowledge of the body by giving workshops throughout the United States.

She also enjoys cooking, surfing, pilates, quality time with her dog "Hurley" and of course the company of all the inspiring people she surrounds herself with daily.

[Lauren’s] work let me train pain free and with more functionality in that ankle than I had had in years. Not only did I train, but I finished without any ankle problems, thanks to you. Your work was nothing short of miraculous (and I’ve had lots of PT in the past)! Please know that you are doing wonders for people out there and that it is truly making a difference!
— Robyn D.